Rhinoplasty La Jolla

There are three types of surgeons that can do Rhinoplasty surgery in La Jolla, California. The first type is an otolaryngologist, which is a doctor that specializes in ear, nose and throat surgery. These type of doctors can perform surgery on the head and throat area of the person’s body and have to take over 5 years of surgical training for the particular areas (nose, ear and throat) in order to be able to perform surgery without supervision.¬†¬†Otorhinolaryngology is on of the most competitive fields of medicine in which to get a residency in both the United States and Canada.

The second type of surgeon that can perform rhinoplasty surgery is a maxillofacial surgeon. A maxillofacial specialist cures diseases and fixes imperfections or deformations on the nose, jaw or face area of the person. It is considered a specialty of both plastic surgery and dentistry. In the United States, a maxillofacial surgeon must minimum training of general medicine and dentistry. There are many surgeons that can perform this procedure in La Jolla, California, but only few of them have the top rated reviews. We at “Plastic Surgeons Cali” only recommend the best surgeons judging by their experience and current performance, testified by their most recent rhinoplasty patients.

Rhinoplasty is fun

The third type of surgeon able to perform rhinoplasty is a general plastic surgeon. This surgeons specialize in cosmetic and aesthetic surgery and are able to do most procedures that involve reconstructing and reshaping body parts. Most commonly known for performing breast and glutes augmentation, this is the type of doctor you want if you need to fix your nose along with the ones mentioned above this paragraph. You will find a lot of plastic surgery experts in this website, primarily in the Chula Vista and La Jolla area, and here you will be able to choose which doctor fits your needs the most.

Rhinoplasty La Jolla

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